Wafer Transfer System

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Wafer Transfer System

KostekSystems provides comprehensive portfolios of atmospheric and vacuum wafer transfer platforms and systems that can be configured according to customer needs. It also provides the capability and ability to create unique solutions that are flexible and cost-effective to meet each customer's specific application. A dedicated team of experienced experts listens to customer needs and challenges with proven collaborative know-how, reviews product libraries, and develops customized functions if necessary to provide the most suitable wafer handling solutions for semiconductor equipment automation. .

 Key Benefits:

  • Available to support a wide variety of substrates
  • High-performance wafer handling capability proven for most advanced process technology

             - Throughput

             - Cleanliness

             - Reliability

  • Optimized solution for advanced process applications
  • Shortest delivery from order to operation

             - Configure to order

             - Fast set up

             - Lower installation risks


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