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Chip Transfer System (Wafer Bonder)

This equipment is used for the first transfer step process to remove the Micro LED Chips at once during the Micro LED manufacturing processes. The first step process consists of forming an adhesive layer on the glass carrier substrate, attaching the micro LED sapphire substrate on the glass carrier substrate coated an adhesive layer, and separating the sapphire substrate by laser (LLO) process.

A system for mass production, it consists of a Spin Coater, a Hot Plate, and 3 Bonding Modules, and the equipment can be configured according to the process characteristics and production capacity.


  • Automatic System with 2 Bonding Modules or 3 Bonding Modules in vacuum
  • Spin Coater & HP CP Optional


  • Wafer Size : 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 inch
  • Void Free 
  • Bonding Alignment Accuracy: ≤ ±150㎛
  • Chuck to chuck Parallel Accuracy : ≤ 5μm
  • Heater Temperature : Max. 300℃±2%
  • Heating ramp up/down : 30 ℃/min.


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