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Thermal Eutectic Bonder

Thermal Eutectic Bonder is  a kind of Thermal Compression Bonder that bonds the electrodes of the upper and lower collective chips on carrier substrates by heating and pressurizing the upper and lower heater chucks.

In this case,  bumps or ACF films can be used between the each electrodes . Recently, as the size of the Micro LED Chips has become smaller, bonding technologies that directly connect the electrode to the electrode without Micro Bump or ACF is required. Therefore the parallelism/ press uniformity /performance of the upper and lower chucks have become more important.

Electrodes and bumps made of materials such as Copper Alloy, SnAg, AuSn are used for low melting point bonding.

In the Micro LED Display 3-step transfer processes, the first and second step carried out with Aligner & Pre-bonder equipment, and then final Post Bonding is done with this equipment.

As a manufacturing equipment for micro LED TV, it is an equipment capable of bonding 6 inch to 12.7 inch size boards.


  • Panel Size : upto 12inch, max. 13.4inch
  • Pre-bonder & Main bonder
  • Parallelism auto adjustment function  : Excellent pressing uniformity
  • ATM. and Vacuum process available
  • Anti-vibration structure


  • Align accuracy : ≤±2um
  • Temperature : 350℃±2%
  • Throughput : 3 wafers/hr


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