Temporary Wafer Bonding System

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Wafer Bonding System

Temporary Wafer Bonding System

In Fan-out Wafer (Panel) Level Packaging processes, for releasing warpages of wafers induced by molding process after wiring processes  of wafers  such as RDL, bumping etc. this system can be used to temporarily bond carrier wafers (glass) and  device wafers(panel) which  each chips relocated on the front side.

And, in case of TSV processes for semiconductor stacking, to carry out  RDL or Bumping process steps on the back side of device wafer after grinding the back side of device wafers to make ultra-thin thickness, this system can be used for temporarily bonding Carrier Wafers to Device Wafers on which adhesives coated or laminated.

Depending on the type of adhesives, such as glue or film, different post-treatments must be applied. That is, for the glue type, coating and pre-curing, and for the film type, the laminating process is applied. After aligning the two substrates to match each other in a vacuum, temporary bonding is performed by thermo-compression method.


  • Carrier Wafer Temporary Bonding using Film/Glue Adhesive for Back Grinding, Photoresist, Etching, Deposition,  Electroplating, RDL, Bumping Process
  • Optical or Mechanical Alignment in vacuum
  • Excellent Pressing Uniformity
  • Wafer Damage Free through uniform pressing


  • Warpage after Bonding : ≤ 500um
  • Bonding Temp. Uniformity : Max. 300℃, ≤±2%
  • Wafer  Alignment Accuracy : ≤±50μm
  • Void : Free
  • TTV : ≤3um
  • UPEH (Depending on material’s property) : ≥30 wafers/h


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