Wafer De-Bonding System

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Wafer Bonding System

Wafer De-Bonding System

Wafer De-bonding System is a modular type and can improve throughput by increasing the number of laser modules. Spin Cleaning Module can be configured or excluded according to customer's request.

 Laser De-bonding Process Flow

 De-bonding Process Flow

  1. Mechanical type :

  2. UV/Laser dissolution type :

 Results of  De-bonding Process

  1. Results of  Laser Irradiation :

Adopting flat-top function to reduce device damage

  2. Results of  Spin Cleaning :

Residue and crack free of the device wafer

 Handling of Warped Wafer

  1. Allowable warpage level after debonding :


  • Allowable Warpage :  ~ 10mm
  • 12” Circle and 300x300mm Square Substrate

Wafer Warpage can be spread out by a special designed Vacuum Chuck.

  2. Preventing of Bump Surface Damage :

Bump Damage  free by using a special designed Vacuum Pad

 Laser Module for De-bonding System


  • Laser source : CW Fiber Laser(1064nm), Excimer laser(308nm), DPSS UV laser(355nm)
  • Removal of adhesion force of LTHC(Light To Heat Conversion) layer by Laser irradiation
  • Flat-top function adopted for the reduction of device damage


 De-bonding Process Flow (Fan-out Panel Level Packaging) 


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