AR/VR Laser Eutectic Bonder

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AR/VR Laser Eutectic Bonder

Among our systems manufacturing micro LED displays for AR, VR, XR, Smart Watch, we have the Laser Eutectic Bonder.

This equipment bonds the micro LED die cut to 0.3~0.7 inch from the LED epi wafer and  the CMOS driver board aligned each other.

In order to overcome the alignment deviation caused by the differences in thermal expansion coefficients between sapphire and silicon, laser heating is adopted to heat only the bumps or electrodes area to melt them and solder them instead of the thermo-compression bonding method.

Copper Alloy, SnAg, AuSn, Au, Ag, etc. are used for pad or micro bump material for low melting point bonding.


  • Eutectic Bonding by using Laser  for low CTE


  • Align Accuracy : ≤ ±0.5μm
  • Pressing force : Max.  3kgf
  • Heater : Max. 200˚C


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