Wafer De-Bonding System

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Wafer Bonding System

Wafer De-Bonding System

This system is used to remove the Carrier Wafer temporarily bonded on the back side after wiring and bumping process on the front side of the Molded Wafer in the Fan-out Wafer(Panel) Level Packaging.

In addition, it is used to separate the temporarily bonded carrier wafers from the thinned device wafers after back grinding the device wafers and finishing the wiring and bumping processes in the TSV process for semiconductor stacking. In general, when separating  carrier wafers, these are mounted on ring frames to protect thin device wafers.

Laser, chemical or mechanical methods available to separate the carrier wafer from the device wafer (Mold Wafer/Panel)


  • De-bonding method : Laser, UV, Mechanical 3 types available
  • De-bonding module and De-lamination module included
  • Crack and chipping free during de-bonding
  • FOWLP / FOPLP and TSV process available
  • The System composed with optimizing module for De-bonding process


  • Laser : IR Fiber CW (1064nm, 50W), DPSS UV (355nm, 30W)
  • Wafer Size: up to 12” / □ 300mmx300mm
  • Warpage handling : ≤ 10mm
  • UPEH (Depending on material’s property) : ≥20 wafers/h


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