Collective Die to Wafer Bonding System

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Wafer Bonding System
Collective Die to Wafer Bonding System

Collective Die to Wafer Bonding system

This system is a gang bonding equipment which P&Ps chips on the front side of the device wafer and then presses them all at once to increase the productivity, and adopted Thermal Compression Chip Bonding to connect the chips  electrically.

Another system is configured with equipment for 2-step processes. That is, an Aligner & Pre-bonder  aligning and temporarily bonding the chips on the carrier wafer with the chips of other device wafers after P&P transferring the chips to the front side of the carrier wafer, and an eutectic main bonder which performs bonding through thermo-compression or laser heating method.

Electrical connections are made by bump-to-electrode or electrode-to-electrode eutectic bonding using low melting point electrodes.


  • Post Bonding after Aligning & Pre-bonding 
  • Electrode metal/Bump:  Cu, Au, Sn, CuSn, AuSn, AgSn                          
  • Automatic Parallelism adjustment function  : Excellent pressing uniformity
  • Anti – Vibration Structure


  • Wafer Size : up to 12inch
  • Aligner & Pre-bonder in vacuum or atm.

             - Align Accuracy :  ≤±2um

             - Throughput : 15 wafers/h

  • Post Bonder(Gang Bonder) :

              - Throughput of Thermal compression wafer bonder : 3 wafers/h

              - Throughput of Laser Eutectic bonder : 20 wafers/h


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